With another lawsuit pending (yet again) on a new law enacted in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announced that the city will delay enforcement of the ban on salary history questions in employment interviews until the courts provide some clarity. The ordinance, which was unanimously passed by the City Council in December and subsequently signed by the Mayor was scheduled to take effect on May 23. Other litigation by the business community challenging the legality of the new Philadelphia soda tax (1.5 cents per ounce) is still pending, but the tax is being applied and collected on soda sales throughout the city. In fact, while that lawsuit is ongoing, students at Philadelphia Community College undertook a study on the impact of the soda tax. The survey of 1,320 individuals over 14 years of age was conducted over the course of one month by students in professor Richard Frei’s psychology class. Although it will not be published in any official capacity, the study found that 32% of the respondents left the city limits to purchase affected beverages, while 22% purchased a cheaper brand of soda.