In keeping with this new fixation on sugar intake, the City Council in Philadelphia has yet to get too sweet on Mayor Jim Kenney’s idea of taxing sugary beverages.  This week, there was word, albeit inaccurate, that a committee vote on the issue was planned for Wednesday, when in reality, the Council is expected to take a formal vote on the proposal sometime in June.  The latest head count of councilors would appear to show the initiative is still short of the 9 votes required.  New Mayor Kenney submitted the proposal as part of his budget for fiscal year 2017, which must be in place by July 1.  In a predictable strategic move, the sugary drink tax plan is not being advocated for any health reasons; rather, it is “for the children” as the Mayor’s spin is that the funds generated will be used to fund pre-kindergarten programs, community schools and parks & recreation programs.  Have you noticed when they’re after more money out of the taxpayer’s pocket, it’s often needed for “the children”?  At the Wednesday Council meeting, one of the Councilors introduced a bill that would apply a $.15 tax on all beverage containers, whether it is filled with soda, some other sugary drink, or bottled water!  Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown filed the 15 cent container tax bill and said her proposal could “conservatively yield $64 million to $78 million”.  We assume this money would be “for the children” as well.  Councilwoman Reynold Brown was fined $10,000 for ethics violations as recently as December 2015.