Legislators and environmental activists across the nation continue to target single-use plastic bags, straws and other plastic products for elimination as the new legislative sessions begin. Massachusetts will most assuredly advance a plastic bag ban, although 135 communities already have a local ban of some sort on their books. The state senate approved a sweeping ban back in November that will likely clear the house and end up on Governor Baker’s desk later this year. Likewise, the Rhode Island legislature seems to be looking to adopt its own plastic bag ban as the Plastic Waste Reduction Act was the first bill introduced by RI state senate President Dominick Ruggerio for the 2020 session. The legislation, which passed last year but stalled in the state House of Representatives, would prohibit retail businesses from making plastic bags or on-recyclable paper bags available for customers. Elsewhere at the local level, the city of Baltimore now has its own plastic bag ban that will take effect in 2021. Baltimore Mayor Jack Young, who ascended to the Mayor’s office after former Mayor Catherine Pugh was indicted on corruption charges and resigned last year, signed the ban into law earlier this week; It forbids retailers from providing customers with plastic bags and instead, requires retailers to charge customers $.05 for every bag of any kind that they provide and the city will take a 20% skim of bag proceeds. Finally, the state of New York banned plastic bags statewide last March, so Albany County went them one better and banned plastic straws and utensils beginning later this year when the county legislature passed the ban shortly before Christmas. The utensil ban takes effect in 6 months, while the ban on plastic straws becomes effective three months thereafter.