January 4, 2013, DURHAM, NC – PlotWatt, the Durham-based technology company that provides energy management solutions to quick serve restaurant (QSR) released new energy management tools optimized for Dunkin’ Donuts in the latest version of its software product.

Using patent-pending technology which computes itemized appliance-level energy consumption of all major electrical appliances without attached appliance-level hardware, PlotWatt has taken their knowledge base of Dunkin’ Donuts’ operations to the next level by including operating guides in its software technology.  “We’ve been working with various Dunkin’ operators for more than a year, and in that time have been able to develop specific operating guidelines based on individual location business cycles”, commented Luke Fishback, CEO of PlotWatt.  “The objective of these new tools is to allow Dunkin’ operators to significantly cut their monthly energy usage, thereby reducing a significant driver of operating costs, and making each location much more energy efficient”, said Fishback.

“Some of our Dunkin’ operators have seen reductions in excess of 4,000 kilowatt hours per month,” commented Marc Bodner, Director of Sales at PlotWatt.  “However, beyond that, each of these operators has commented more on the ability to run their store in a more efficient manner, including personnel management.  PlotWatt has helped them deliver a more pleasing customer experience in addition to a more profitable and energy efficient store”.

PlotWatt’s technology allows for total electrical energy use monitoring and scheduling enabling customers to drive greater operational efficiency and increase operating margins.  Software based, PlotWatt has an ROI that is less than 12 months in most installations.

About PlotWatt:

PlotWatt is a technology company that helps multi-location businesses and homeowners save money by reducing energy bills and improving appliance management. The company, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, was founded in 2008. As winners of the 2011 GE Ecomagination challenge and recipients of over $4 Million in grants, prizes and investment the PlotWatt team of scientists, mathematicians and software engineers is committed to finding simple, low cost ways to save you money on energy bills.