DDIFO Sponsor Plotwatt, the Durham based Technology Company that provides energy management solutions to businesses and homeowners throughout the United States, has been invited to present its data, technology innovations, and results to the White House Office of Technology and the Department of Energy as part of the Green Button Initiative.

The DOE’s Green Button initiative is designed to provide electric utility consumers with access to their detailed energy usage.  Plotwatt’s patent-pending technology measures this usage either directly from the electrical breaker boxes in commercial installations or from smart meter data in residential installations.  That software technology then “learns” how each electric appliance in a business or home operates and is able to show customers usage, cost per month for each appliance in electricity charges, and how to reduce energy consumption and cost.

“Plotwatt is very excited about this opportunity”, stated Luke Fishback, CEO of Plotwatt.  “Plotwatt has been working with The White House and the DOE for a year and we’ve provided results well above the standards set by the Green Button initiative.  We have thousands of residential installations and our commercial division is working with multiple franchised quick-serve restaurant concepts.  Using our technology customers can plainly see the reduction in energy consumption and the reduction in monthly electric charges”.

PlotWatt is a technology company that helps multi-location businesses and homeowners save money by reducing energy bills and improving appliance management. The company, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, was founded in 2008. As winners of the 2011 GE Ecomagination challenge and recipients of over $4 Million in grants, prizes and investment the PlotWatt team of scientists, mathematicians and computer programmers is committed to finding simple, low cost ways to save you money on energy bills.

North Carolina Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee Pete Turner worked with Plotwatt to analyze his restaurant power consumption in real time and recommend efficiency changes, and had this to say.  “These changes have resulted in thousands of dollars of savings annually at our flagship DD/BR next to the Duke campus. They also offer notification via text msg if say a freezer compressor doesn’t kick on in a certain amount of time. Additionally, they offer automatic monitoring of refrigeration temperatures which elimiantes the need for crew to take temps every 4 hours.This is exciting work and results in immediate savings. The futue belongs to the efficient and Plotwatt is all about efficiency.”