One can’t help but enjoy a different kind of news coming out of Bernie Sanders for President 2020 this week – that a campaign worker of his has filed an unfair labor practice complaint with the National Labor Relations Board! The self-described democratic-socialist has been one of the more vocal advocates for increasing the federal minimum wage as well as simplifying the process by which employees in a host of industries (QSR included) can unionize their workforces. In fact, Senator Sanders had recently joined protests over Hahnemann Hospital filing for bankruptcy in Philadelphia, and striking workers at a number of McDonalds restaurants in Chicago, Iowa and elsewhere. But, this past week, he was on the receiving end as unionized workers on his presidential campaign (represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400) have complained that their $36,000 wage was less than the contracted minimum of $15/hour given the number of hours they work each week. In response, the campaign began enforcing a limit of 40 hours per week on its field supervisors and Sanders in his own comments complained that it was improper for the worker to “go outside of the process” (that comment itself is potentially a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act). Notwithstanding Bernie’s lament, a formal NLRB complaint was filed against the campaign last Friday. Is this any way to run a campaign? Or, a country?? Feeling the Bern!