DDFO MassPACIn 2010, Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners will have the opportunity to get more involved in government relations beginning with the creation of the Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Owners Massachusetts Political Action Committee (DDFO MassPAC).

Created as an independent entity, DDFO MassPAC is completely separate from the DDIFO, but exists to leverage the combined resources of Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners to promote and protect the business interests of that group.

Former DDIFO Legislative Affairs Coordinator and franchise owner Rob Branca is assuming the position of the Chairman of DDFO MassPAC.

“We’ve already gained ground and achieved some success in the legislative arena, but we need to build on that,” said Branca. “Seasoned government relations professionals have advised us that forming a political action committee was the right step to demonstrate that we are involved and serious. We took that advice to heart and made the DDFO MassPAC a reality.”

Branca indicated he would look for a successor as Chairman of the committee once it was up and running so he could focus his attention on his increased responsibilities with the Brand Advisory Council and continue operating his franchises. He said his decision to resign as DDIFO’s Legislative Affairs Coordinator was based, in part, on the desire to allow others to get involved in the process.
A Political Action Committee, or PAC, is a private group that raises money for contributions to specific political candidates or parties. According to Branca DDFO MassPAC will be a vital tool for effecting positive change and minimizing potentially harmful outcomes in Massachusetts—home to 1350 Dunkin’ Donuts franchises.

“One of our chief concerns is that we are in strict compliance with the complex rules and regulations that surround the fundraising process, and operating through a PAC makes that much easier. We need to be ever vigilant not to besmirch our hard earned reputations as law abiding, small, family businesses,” he said.

Joseph Giannino, DDIFO’s new Legislative Affairs Coordinator, says the PAC will benefit DDIFO members because it helps put a face on the individuals and families who operate Dunkin’ Donuts stores. “Within the political landscape, it distinguishes these independent, small business owners from the large corporate brand and provides a forum for these men and women to address the real-life impact legislative and regulatory actions have on their livelihood.”

DDFO MassPAC has named David Martin Treasurer of the organization. Martin is Principal of The Chick Montana Group, a campaign finance business based in Dedham, Massachusetts. With more than 20 years of campaign financing experience, Martin is an independent, highly-skilled professional who was handpicked to ensure that the DDFO MassPAC operates according to state law and within the guidelines established by the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

Among those guidelines are contribution limits, such as:

• An individual may contribute up to a total of $500, including in-kind contributions, to a PAC in a calendar year (husband and wife are two individuals, and may contribute up to $1,000 annually).
• An individual under age 18 is limited to a total of $25 in political contributions to all candidates and PACs in a calendar year.
• A PAC may not accept any contribution—including an in-kind contribution of goods, services, equipment, personnel, facilities or the like—from a business corporation, including a professional corporation, or from any association or organization comprised in whole or in part of business corporations or professional corporations.

You can learn more about DDFO MassPac at www.ddfomasspac.org. Contributions to the committee may be sent to DDFO MassPAC, 675 VFW Parkway #209, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467.

Dunkin' Donuts Franchise Owners Mass PAC

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