One question might be where will it be enacted first, as the Portland City Council and the Maine state legislature are both considering adoption of paid sick leave mandates for private businesses.  The statewide legislation, LD369 filed by Senator Rebecca Millett, is similar to legislation she has filed in the past. It would apply to employers with at least 5 employees and would mandate that paid sick leave be earned at the rate of one hour leave for every 30 hours worked. Further, the legislation also requires employers to allow workers to carry over up to 40 hours of unused earned sick leave from one year to the next. In Portland, the City Council postponed a public meeting of the Health and Human Services and Public Safety Committee, at which a different paid sick leave mandate was to be debated. The business community in Portland had requested a delay in the hearing while the legislature considers the Millett bill, but the postponement until later in March, officially was due to winter weather issues.