Aside from the “Fight for 15” protests held this week and referenced above, we have two other locales to advise you of minimum wage initiatives.  On the west coast, a public hearing was held earlier this week in the Oregon State Capital on 10 bills pending in the legislature that would increase the minimum wage by varying amounts up to $15/hour.  Current Oregon law prohibits local communities from establishing their own minimum wages.  Notwithstanding that the current state minimum wage is $9.25/hour, the first to testify at the public hearing this week was Portland democratic Representative and Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, Speaker Tina Kotek.  On raising the current minimum, the Speaker testified “just raising it a dollar will not do enough.” On the flip side of the coin, Senate President Peter Courtney (D-Salem) has said he will not to take up the issue this session.  Back on the east coast, Portland, Maine’s City Council held a public hearing just last evening on a local ordinance that would increase the city minimum in 2 stages to $10.68 and then index it to inflation.  There will be more to tell on that, but earlier this week, the city’s new ban on Styrofoam containers took effect on April 15. The nearby town of Freeport banned polystyrene a while ago.