Just days after it took effect, the Portland City Council effectively voted to end the new hazard pay ordinance that pushed minimum wages to $19.50 an hour! By a vote of 8-1 on January 3, the council ended the state of emergency that the city had declared back on March 16, 2020 and in exchange, imposed a new citywide mask mandate for all public buildings or buildings open to the public. The hazard pay ordinance, as we told you last week, took effect on January 1 and pushed minimum wages in the city up 1.5 times from the current $13 per hour to the hazard minimum of $19.50 per hour. The repeal will not become effective until 10 days after passage, meaning that employers must continue paying the hazard minimum until Thursday, January 13. The mask mandate, which passed unanimously, took effect at midnight on Wednesday but provides an exemption for businesses that require vaccination for entry. It also requires business to post signage by Monday stating that “Persons entering are required to wear face coverings per order of the Portland City Council.”