He’s just been in office one week, but President Trump wasted no time implementing some of his campaign promises and otherwise shaking up the Washington landscape. On Inauguration Day last week, one of his first Executive Orders was a blanket freeze on all new or pending federal regulations. Essentially, the order immediately halted any lingering policies from the Obama administration from becoming effective.  In the event that a new regulation was published but not yet effective, the Trump Executive Order delays that effective date by an additional 60 days. More specifically, this action directly halted the Obama overtime regulation (doubling the overtime threshold to $47,476). On the Affordable Care Act, he issued an Executive Order entitled “Minimizing The Economic Burden Of The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal”, that calls for all government agencies to interpret the ACA requirements in the least burdensome way until it can be repealed! Congress has already put in place the budgetary apparatus that will lead to repeal or at least significantly alter the Obama Care mandates.