Looking closer at the final COVID relief legislation, efforts by progressive democrats to incorporate the provisions of the Protecting the Right To Organize Act (PRO Act) in the American Rescue Plan Act were ultimately unsuccessful however, the legislation is not dead by any stretch. To the contrary, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) announced that the House was intent on moving the PRO Act (HR842) forward as soon as possible and will schedule it for debate and a final vote in the lower chamber during the week of March 8. The PRO Act is a sweeping piece of legislation that expands labor protections across the board, modifies and greatly restricts employer rights and protections under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and dramatically simplifies the process – and likelihood – of organized labor expanding its reach into a broad array of businesses. Under some of the more heinous provisions of the PRO Act, employers would be prohibited from participating in NLRB representation proceedings but required to provide a labor organization seeking to represent the workers with a list of all employees including contact information. Further, the bill would resurrect and codify in federal law, the so-called quickie (card-check) and ambush elections that were implemented by the Obama-era National Labor Relations Board. The PRO Act was passed on a party-line vote by the U.S. House in February of last year.