One of the next frontiers for the tax and spend advocates is very likely to be extra taxes on those who have enjoyed some degree of financial success.  Advocates in Massachusetts want to bring the hammer down on those who are financially successful, pushing for an amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution that would allow for an additional tax of 4% to be levied on incomes over $1 million.  Proponents claim to have collected 157,000 signatures to place the issue before the voters as early as 2018.  Because it is proposed as a constitutional amendment, it must be first approved by two consecutive legislatures to proceed to the ballot.  Likewise, the Stand Up for Students Initiative in Maine, with support from the Maine AFL-CIO, Maine Education Association, the Maine People’s Alliance and others, is pushing another ballot initiative that would authorize the assessment of a surcharge on households earning more than $200,000 a year. The assessment is calculated at a rate of $30 for every $1,000 earned over the $200,000 threshold!  I would expect this “politics of envy” to become more popular around the country rather than less.