Not stopping at increases to state minimum wages, a number of states appear poised to push for passing mandatory paid sick leave. Again in Virginia, paid family leave bills have been filed in both the Senate and the House of Delegates, despite both branches having slim republican majorities. As filed, both proposals would create a program funded by contributions from employers as well as employees. And in the northeast, two republican governors are taking a novel approach to addressing the issue by looking to partner their states with a voluntary paid leave program. Vermont Governor Phil Scott and New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu have proposed merging their states employees together in order to have a large enough pool to finance a paid leave program. Both states have seen democratic proposals submitted to mandate paid leave programs for all employees and to fund the program with new payroll taxes. Finally, another village in Cook County has gone along with the county program mandating paid sick leave to employees when the Glenview Illinois Village Board voted 4-1 to comply with the mandatory paid sick leave program effective July 1.