You may remember that just about ten months ago, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order creating a Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment that was essentially charged with pushing workers into the arms of organized labor.  This week, the task force released its long-awaited report recommending how the executive branch can make it easier for private and public-sector workers to join unions. In its report, the task force, co-chaired by Vice President Kamal Harris and Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, suggests just under 70 different actions – some of which are already in the works – that ostensibly pave the way for more aggressive and widespread unionizing activities in both, the private as well as public sectors. Although not a surprise, many of the recommendations dangle the use of federal dollars to entice workers to become more union-friendly, while many others call for increasing enforcement efforts against businesses accused of violating labor laws. Additionally, the report endorses the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act), which further simplifies the recognition of union representation at the expense of an employer being legally empowered to oppose the creation of a union amongst its employees. President Biden has already accepted the recommendations in the report and the task force is scheduled to issue a progress report on implementation of its recommendations in the next six months.