With almost three years remaining in the term of President Biden, the self-proclaimed “most pro-union president ever”, organized labor is indeed making strides. One of the major forces in the federal government that can greatly influence organized labor is the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). In the wake of decisions such as that reported above on the NLRB General Counsel regarding mandatory employee meetings, the agency this week put out another press release pumping up the growth of the labor movement. In its April 6 release, NLRB proudly declared that union representation election petitions had increased 57% in the first six months of FY22 over the number filed during the same time period in FY21. Additionally, the agency has filed 14% more unfair labor practices against businesses than it did over the same six-month period last year. And a quick peek at the FY 2023 federal budget that was submitted last week by the Biden administration calls for an increase of $319+ million for the NLRB, a 16% rise over its current appropriation. With that type of increase proposed to the democratic controlled Congress, business owners would be well-advised to keep a close watch – with an ear to the ground – on union activity in your stores.