R. F. Technologies Inc. a DDIFO (Dunkin’ Donuts Independent Franchise Owners) sponsor and leading supplier of communications systems to the drive thru market has announced a collaboration with wireless headset specialist Quail Digital.

The agreement  will see Illinois based RFT represent Quail Digital for sales and technical support of the company’s new, Q-Pro5 lightweight wireless headset system.

The streamlined Q-Pro5 all-in-one drive thru system weighs just 3.5oz  (30% less than its nearest competitor)  giving unrivalled comfort and ease for users. It comes configured for single or dual lane drive thrus from just one base station. Headsets can operate completely hands free, affording order taker and crew full mobility and productivity; it also has a ‘sleep’ mode saving battery capacity when the headset is not in use.

The Quail Digital system uses a duplex platform combined with noise and echo cancelling technology to maximise sound quality for both customer and order taker. The company recently commissioned renowned specialist acoustic testing laboratory, Orfield, to provide independent verification of the Q-Pro5’s superior acoustic quality.

RFT, who will distribute and support the system nationwide, cite its ‘lightest weight, sleek styling and best noise cancelling’ as the main reasons for partnering with Quail Digital.

Bob Noorian, CEO at R. F. Technologies, Inc. said: “The sound quality of the Q-Pro5 is exceptionally clear, noise reduction is flawless, the headset itself is very comfortable to wear and it’s the best looking headset on the market.”

The company will sell the system via mail order and also through approved dealers. Nationwide technical support will be provided both by field operatives and a 24 hour telephone helpline.

“We are very excited to be a part of the support team for Quail Digital and look forward to providing outstanding service to the QSR market” said Noorian.

RFT will be featuring the Q-Pro5 prominently in its catalogue mailed to over 100,000 QSR operators. It will also be shown on the company’s to website, and at conventions such as:  DDIFO (Dunkin’ Donuts Independent Franchise Owners), AKFCS, Franmac and the BK global show, where demonstrations will illustrate the system’s exceptional noise cancelling properties.”

“RFT will be using its extensive expertise and resources to support the growth of the Quail Digital product in the US market” concluded Noorian.