As more states and locales around the country begin to re-open their economies or announce plans to do so, it is important that all businesses are aware not only of best practices, but some of the concerns on the flip side of that coin as well. As a case in point, the federal government, and state officials as well have encouraged companies to screen employees for COVID-19 symptoms – up to and including performing temperature checks – before allowing employees to return. If you undertake such measures, be sure not to violate federal and/or state privacy laws. Some temperature screening devices such as high-end thermal cameras and such, not only collect and store temperature readings, but also facial recognition data. Be sure you understand what the device does, what it transmits and where the information is recorded before using it. Also, be aware of an extreme example where Amazon agreed to an $11 million settlement with workers from its California warehouse that had not been compensated for their time spent waiting to go through security lines and bag checks both upon entering and leaving their workplace. Bear in mind the value of an employee’s time when they are being requiredre  to go through such extra steps.