Efforts continue in Congress, albeit unsuccessfully at this point, to replenish funding for the popular Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF). This most recent effort was lead by Maryland Senator Ben Cardin along with Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, and would have provided for an additional $48 billion in new funding for the RRF. The program was originally funded at a $29 Billion level, but those funds were exhausted within the first three weeks of the program – a priority window when funding was only available to women, veteran or economically disadvantaged restaurant owners. That priority window was ultimately ruled unconstitutional by the courts. The Cardin-Wicker effort, which failed to get the required unanimous consent for consideration in the Senate, is the third attempt to replenish funding for the program – earlier efforts to add funding to the program came in June ($60 billion) and again in July with the ENTRÉE Act seeking another $60 billion as well. Despite widespread support for the program, it remains to be seen whether legislation providing additional funds will be able to make its way through both branches of Congress.