The Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) along with other advocacy groups One Fair Wage and Mothering Justice this week filed a lawsuit against Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel alleging that legislative changes made to the state minimum wage law were unconstitutional. To put the issue in context, One Fair Wage initiated a petition drive in 2018 to put a $12 minimum wage, elimination of the tipped wage and paid sick leave question on the ballot. Before the question was put to the voters, but after sufficient signatures had been collected to ensure it would be on the ballot, the Michigan legislature passed the petition into law, thereby taking it off the ballot. Subsequently, they amended the provisions of the law – extending the phase-in of the $12 minimum wage from 2022 to 2030, altering the sick leave formula to one hour earned for every 35 hours worked (rather than 30 as originally proposed), and exempting companies with fewer than 50 employees from the sick leave bill. The amended legislation was signed into law in December by then-Governor Rick Snyder. The plaintiffs claim that an opinion by former Attorney General Bill Schuette to allow the legislative changes was unconstitutional.