Coupons thru the Mail

Coupons thru the Mail

Restaurant operators are taking a page from the makers of detergent and diapers, offering coupons to bring back consumers who’ve been cooking at home to conserve cash.

Even veteran restaurant operators who have long derided the profit-eaters concede that in this environment, 75 percent of a sale beats no sale at all.

“The numbers of people coming through the door are down, and people that come in are looking for a bargain,” said Jim Elrod, who saw sales at his Fishmonger’s Seafood Market & Cafe in Plano plummet in the fall.

“At this point, I’d rather see my regular customers and reward them with a discount just for coming in.”

It’s easy to find discount meal tickets – in your mailbox, on your doorstep or even online.

Diners can save $4 on two dinner entrées at Olive Garden or get 25 percent off at Fishmonger’s with newspaper coupons. Patrons at a TGI Friday’s on North Central Expressway in Plano can get 20 percent off with an ad from Clipper Magazine. In coupon mailer Valpak and at, there’s a coupon for half off your second dinner entrée at Theo’s Grill & Bar in Grand Prairie.

Some coupons come in envelopes from companies such as Valpak and Money Mailer. Others are in magazines from companies such as Ad Pages Savings Magazine in Plano and Clipper Magazine.

Karen Robinson-Jacobs in The Dallas Morning News