An issue about which we advised you about a number of weeks back has come full circle out on the West Coast as the Retail Workers Bill of Rights has been allowed to take effect in the City by the Bay without the Mayor’s signature.  San Francisco Mayor Edward Lee took no action on the so-called Bill of Rights measure after it was unanimously passed by the city’s Board of Supervisors, allowing it to become law without his signature.  As a result, the bill became effective on January 5, but employers will have another six months, until July 5, 2015, before they must comply with its provisions.  Among other mandates, the law requires that “Formula Retail Establishments” (employers with at least 20 employees and 20 retail establishments worldwide) must offer, in writing, additional work to qualified part-time employees before hiring new employees and must keep the written offer for 3 years.  Further, the ordinance states that prior to the start of employment, workers must be provided with a good faith estimate of the employee’s expected minimum number of scheduled shifts per month and the days and hours of them.  In addition, employers must provide the work schedules two weeks in advance and must provide an extra hour of pay for each shift that is changed with less than a 7 day notice.