Early on as the Janus case wound its way through the court system in Illinois, Governor Bruce Rauner was front and center to have the “fair share fee” funding mechanism struck down. In fact, Rauner announced in 2015 that he would pursue the issue along with plaintiff Mark Janus, but ultimately the governor was removed as a plaintiff by the court due to lack of standing. Now, in the wake of the final decision, unions in Illinois – both public and private – are pulling out the stops to ensure the governor is defeated in November. With billionaire hotel magnate J.B. Pritzker already in as the democratic candidate, organized labor hedged its bet by locking in a third party candidate from the right in the person of state senator Sam McCann, a conservative from a union-heavy district who’s frequently locked horns with Rauner. The McCann effort has been largely bankrolled by the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150. Elsewhere, organized labor is teaming up with elected mayors to undo the impact of Janus or otherwise pave the way for public unions to claw back some of those funds and potentially lost-influence. As of yesterday, 23 mayors from some of America’s largest cities had signed a pledge to help union recruitment efforts! The union-sponsored initiative calls for mayors to transmit new hire and bargaining unit member data to the unions! The mayors of Newark, Philadelphia, Sacramento and New York City are among those who’ve signed already.