They were thought to be a thing of the past once the NLRB overturned its own 2011 Specialty Hardware decision back in December, but now micro-unions seem to be back in play. A decision by an NLRB regional office allowed a subgroup of about 100 welders within an aircraft engine manufacturing company was allowed to unionize in Oregon. In the wake of the regional decision in the case of PCC Structurals, former NLRB Chairman Philip Miscimarra (who was Chairman when micro-unions were overruled) explained that the Board decision overturning Specialty Hardware was not tied to a specific outcome but rather was decided on more narrow defects within the Specialty Hardware case. Bottom line being there will likely be more decisions forthcoming on the question of micro-unions. And, as if to drive home the point, the employees of a second Burgerville location in the Portland Oregon have voted to unionize. The employees in the 2nd location of the 42 location franchise endorsed the union by a vote of 17-5 in the NLRB sanctioned election. The company says that it has scheduled its first negotiating sessions with the union at its first unionized location and will son do so with the second as well. Burgerville is the first QSR to unionize.