Well, this item might not affect our smaller business subscribers, but it’s worth taking note of nonetheless. As businesses across the country continue to push for adoption of liability shield legislation relating COVID-19 lawsuits, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo this week signed legislation repealing liability protections he granted health care facilities just last July! You will recall that when the pandemic first hit last March, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a directive mandating that nursing homes must accept coronavirus patients from local hospitals to ensure that hospitals were not overwhelmed. We subsequently learned that the COVID virus was most dangerous to elderly patients and sadly many nursing home residents in New York caught and succumbed to the virus. Cuomo, who has been under fire for his handling of COVID-19 in nursing homes and for falsifying the number of nursing home COVID deaths – let alone the array of sexual harassment allegations from his own staff, appears to be shifting the coronavirus blame onto nursing homes. The newly-signed law immediately rescinded the protection that had previously been given to nursing home facilities relating COVID-19 litigation.