It may seem inconsequential at first blush, but employers must remain diligent in displaying labor law posters and the like as required by federal, state and local governments. Earlier this month, New Jersey adopted new regulations regarding the posting of civil rights notices in places of public accommodation. One change that can be viewed in a favorable light, the new rules from the state Division on Civil Rights (DCR) expressly allow employers with internet and intranet sites used by their employees to satisfy their display obligation by posting the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) and Family Leave Act (NJFLA) posters on those sites, in lieu of posting them in the physical worksite. NJ employers should replace

their now-outdated LAD and NJFLA poster with the new ones. As a reminder, federal Labor Law Posters at a minimum, must be displayed by all employers and maximum penalties for failure to post required OSHA and EPPA notices were increased this year to $14,502 and $23,011 respectively! The Department of Labor provides details as to poster requirements on its website.