Illinois will become the first state to ban “right to work” laws after voters approved the ballot measure constitutionally securing the right of workers to unionize and bargain collectively. The Illinois Constitution allows for two methods by which an amendment can be added: be approved with 60% or greater margin, or collect more a simple majority of all votes cast in the election. In the final tally, Question 1 was approved by a margin of 58% – 42%, 2 percentage points lower than the 60% threshold for passage, but the total 2.15 million yes votes is 53% of the votes cast in the election. Consequently, it would appear – subject to final certification of the election results – that the Illinois Constitution will codify workers’ rights to unionize and prohibit passage of any “right to work” laws going forward. The Illinois Constitution provides that the amendment must be certified and declared adopted by the State Board of Elections within 20 days of the election. Once that certification is made, the amendment will become effective.