Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has reported that he spoke with Vice President Pence about the possibility of passing of passing a national right to work law. Walker’s comments come in the wake of the filing last week of a national right to work bill by Congressmen Steve King (R-IA) and Joe Wilson (R-SC). As we reported last week, the pair introduced H.R. 785, the National Right to Work Act.  We are glad to report that one of the two states entertaining right to work legislation saw fit to pass the bill into law.  Governor Eric Greitens made Missouri the 28th state in the union (no pun intended) to adopt right-to-work when he signed right to work into law in the Show-Me state earlier this week.  Right-to-work generally prohibits a union from forcing non-members to pay the union a fee for representation. New Hampshire is still considering adopting the restriction on union mandates.