Click on Photo to See All Photos of Royston/Dunkin Donuts Cabinetry

Click on Photo to See All Photos of Royston/Dunkin' Donuts Cabinetry

Frank Callis of Royston, LLC took a big risk while speaking to a group of franchisees at DDIFO’s member meeting in September.  The theme of the meeting was cost-cutting and improving the bottom line, and while the speakers who preceded him stayed on point citing several short-term money saving examples, Frank took a different tact. He boldly suggested franchisees take a longer view of their cabinetry purchase and invest more upfront in Royston’s modular metal cabinetry. 

The savings, he noted, would be realized over time and in reduced costs for future remodels. While Callis may have seen a raised eyebrow or two from the audience that day, anyone with a remodel on the horizon should give his proposition serious consideration.

Royston became a DDIFO Associate Member in June and is proud to offer modular metal cabinetry as an alternative to typical wood millwork which has the potential to buckle, warp, swell or rot from moisture and general wear and tear. Royston’s products are designed to be durable, flexible, resistant to moisture-damage and coffee stains and reconfigurable, which can provide significant cost savings over time.

Royston cabinetry, while affordably priced upfront, brings the owners true savings over the lifetime of the product.  “When it comes time to remodel your store due to changes in operations or a new image refresh,” says Bonnie Padgett, Marketing Manager for Royston, “You can easily cut your reinvestment costs in half or more due to the modular nature of our equipment.  In fact, I recently helped a customer remodel his store after 10 years of using Royston cabinets.  With only a couple new cabinet modules and a few new sections of countertop, we were able to give him a completely new look and layout at less than a sixth of the cost of replacing his entire lineup.  And these cabinets that he kept were 10 years old – they still look and perform just like brand new cabinets!  I don’t know a single millwork cabinet, regardless of quality or manufacturer, that doesn’t need to be replaced after a decade of heavy use.”

While Royston is a relatively new approved vendor for Dunkin’ Brands, they are no stranger to the QSR and convenience store world, having partnered with a variety of retailers over the last 40+ years, including 7-Eleven,  Jack in the Box, Little Caesars, McDonald’s, Chevron and Blimpie. They have also done work for Wal-Mart and Target.

As a vertically integrated supplier, Royston offers cabinetry and shelving manufacturing capabilities, in-house countertop fabrication, delivery, and installation services, and prides itself on the full-service provided to Dunkin’ franchisees. Once a quote is received from Dunkin’ Brands, the franchisee is emailed video links to view product options, and assigned a dedicated customer service representative. Royston’s team of design technicians then prepares drawings to include Dunkin’ Brand’s requirements and reviews for customer flow, operations needs and equipment placement.

Royston has developed a dedicated website just for Dunkin franchisees:, which includes photos, videos, roduct information, store layouts and testimonials.

To learn more about Royston’s cabinetry and countertop options, visit their website, or call Reeder Burch at (800)-334-1766, extension 3150.