For the past few years, asking a job applicant if they had ever been convicted of a crime was frowned upon by the “beautiful people”.  Ultimately, a number of state and cities around the country “banned the box” and made it illegal to even ask an applicant if they had any criminal history before they were formally offered a job.  With pay equity seemingly becoming this year’s chic topic, criminal history has been replaced by salary history on the interview taboo list.  Back in August, Massachusetts became the first state to make salary history an illegal interview question and immediately thereafter, New York City Public Advocate Letitia James formally filed the prohibition (Int. 1253) with the City Council and it is still pending.  In short order, elected officials in California and Pennsylvania representatives Maria Donatucci and Donna Bullock filed a ban in the PA legislature, California has it in play, Councilman William Greenlee filed it a few weeks ago in the Philadelphia City Council and NJ Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman has it pending in the US House of Representatives.  As we’ve seen time and again, once these “feel good” initiatives get any amount of traction, they tend to ripple across the national political landscape, so be forewarned!