When government officials were up in arms over employment questions about criminal records, may it was orange, but today there can be little doubt that salary history is the new black! Last year, Massachusetts started the trend by banning questions about salary history on employment applications so as not to “facilitate income inequality”, but now it is starting to spread to different state houses and city halls across the northeast.  Philadelphia became the first city to pass a ban on salary history questions on private employment applications when the city council approved the prohibition last Thursday.  Mayor Jim Kenney has already indicated that he will sign the bill once it gets to his desk.  Under the new law, applicants who believe they have been illegally subjected to the question will have 300 days to file a complaint and subject the employer to a potential fine of $2,000 per violation!  Being a “sanctuary city”, that has imposed a tax on the sale of soda (a challenge to which is pending in the courts), having already “banned the box” on criminal history inquiries and now banning salary histories, I’m thinking Philadelphia is the new Berkeley?