The Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy is hosting a roundtable next Monday in Washington on the Department of Labor (DOL) recently published regulation for sick leave benefits required of federal sub-contractors (including restaurants on federal property). The Office of Advocacy is charged with representing the interests of small businesses and commenting accordingly on the impact that new regulations may have on small business operations.  In that capacity, the office is hosting a roundtable on the regulation next Monday, March 14 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM in Washington, DC.  Small business owners are encouraged to call in to the roundtable to express your concerns and articulate how the regulation will impact their business.  To participate in the roundtable via telephone, email your request and the call-in numbers and access codes will be sent to you. The proposed sick leave rule will allow employees to earn up to 7 days paid sick leave each year at the rate of a minimum of 1 hour paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked and covered employers are prohibited from limiting paid sick leave accrual (from one year to the next) at less than 56 hours.  All comments on the proposed regulation must be received by March 28, 2016.