With the Obama administration moving full bore on implementing its new overtime rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the business advocate’s office within the Small Business Administration has formally requested that DOL allow more time for concerned individuals and small businesses to comment on the proposal.  DOL’s Wage and Hour Division has proposed more than doubling the salary requirement for determining when the payment of overtime is mandatory.  Since it was last updated in 2004, that “white-collar exemption” was $455/week, but the Obama proposal increases that number to $970/week!  We encourage our members/subscribers to submit comments on the impact the change will have on your business to the Department of Labor.  The current deadline for public comment is next Thursday, September 4, 2015.  More information is available on the Coalition of Franchisee Association (CFA) website (the CFA site), where you may also view a draft letter that you can edit and make your own.