In the cacophony of candidate announcements of exploratory committees, fundraising initiatives, and ‘test-the-waters’ visits to New Hampshire and Iowa, perhaps none is generating as much response as speculation about a Howard Schultz independent campaign. The former Starbucks CEO confirmed this week that he is considering launching an independent campaign for the White House that has democrats in a fit! A self-proclaimed lifelong democrat, Schultz is looking at claiming the moderate democrat ground without having to wrest control of the democratic nomination process from the progressive left, a seemingly almost impossible task of late to begin with. Running as an independent, Schultz would focus on qualifying for the presidential ballot in the individual states rather than winning in the various democratic primaries. Democrats argue that a ‘moderate’ third-party candidate such as Schultz in the general election will siphon votes away from the ultimate democratic nominee and increase the chances of President Trump’s reelection. For his part, the person who took over leading Starbucks from Schultz, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, said that a Schultz presidential campaign would have no impact on Starbucks operations and that the company does not get involved in political campaigns.