It was the city that first fell for the Fight for $15 narrative and this week it added a soda and sugary drink tax to its mandates. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray signed the 1.75 cent per ounce tax into law Tuesday, the day after the Seattle city council passed the money grab on a 7 – 1 vote. The tax, which will add 21 cents to the cost of a single can of soda will become effective on January 1st. Despite already being signed into law, the law is unclear on exactly which beverages will be subject to the new levy. The tax, projected to raise an additional $15 million in its first year, applies to the distribution of soda, sports and energy drinks as well as sweetened iced teas among others. It exempts 100% juices with no added sweeteners, alcoholic beverages, and any drink where milk is the primary ingredient, but the addition of flavor syrups may complicate the application of that exemption. At this juncture, Seattle officials kicked the (soda) can down the road saying that the Mayor’s staff will define exactly which beverages are taxed through the future regulatory process! Much is left to be determined, stay tuned!