It isn’t law yet, but it is getting closer.  Two Seattle City Councilors along with the Mayor’s Office early this week presented the painful details of the so-called “secured scheduling ordinance” they are pushing.  If passed into law, the proposal will require that employers give workers 14 days advance notice of their work schedule and that they receive an hour of “predictability pay” if the schedule changes after it is posted.  Furthermore, the government will dictate workers have a minimum of 10 hours off between work shifts – unless they don’t want that much, in which case they would be paid time and a half for those hours less than 10 hours between shifts!  In addition, if a worker doesn’t get all the hours for which they’ve been scheduled or has been “on-call”, but not called into work, he/she will receive half pay for each hour cut or for which they are not called in! Now, with the details revealed, the ordinance will be the subject of a public hearing tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday, August 16 and likely to come for a vote before the full council in September.  The game is not yet over but at this point, “the nanny state may be winning!”