Blue MauMau reports that Seattle’s Best Coffee unveiled a new logo and brand strategy on May 11 in an effort to reinvent itself. Part of Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX), the company wants to explode its brand onto the retail scene through high-profile franchise chains and retailers, expanding from 3,000 points of distribution to more than 30,000 by September.

New Seattle's Best logo hung on the Starbucks' tower, photo/SBUX

“We are setting out to turn the traditional coffee model on its head with innovative new approaches in every phase of our business – partnerships, retail, and packaged goods – and taking our premium coffee to the places our customers go in their everyday lives,” said Michelle Gass, president of Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Seattle’s Best Coffee will be offered at all Burger King’s 7,250 restaurants in the United States by September. Jenny McCabe, director of communications for Seattle’s Best, says the coffee company chose Burger King as an outlet because the chain helped raise the profile of their beverage, making it more accessible than ever before. “For the September rollout, Burger King will only carry Seattle’s Best Coffee,” says McCabe. She adds, “Consumers will have the option to add vanilla, mocha flavors or whipped toppings. The new coffee will be 100% Arabica beans.”

In April, the Subway sandwich chain rolled out a breakfast menu in more than 23,000 of its U.S. stores that featured Seattle’s Best. These new relationships join Seattle’s Best Coffee’s growing roster of partners, which includes non-franchising retailers like Borders bookstores and AMC Theatres, among others.

“Our new brand identity was inspired by the history of the Seattle’s Best Coffee culture, one of optimism and fun,” said Gass.  “The new brand direction will bring a simplified approach to the coffee category in all the ways it will touch the customer.”

The Seattle’s Best Coffee logo’s reinterpretation maintains the brand’s historic association with its name and the color red while assembling a number of universal coffee symbols, such as a drop and a cup, in an unexpected way. The new logo was designed by Creature, an independent brand and advertising agency based in Seattle.

“Our ambitions for the new Seattle’s Best Coffee brand are as significant as our aspirations to become a multi-billion dollar business, and we designed the new logo to one day become a universally recognized and reassuring symbol for great tasting coffee everywhere,” said Gass.

McCabe adds that key franchise and retail brands will help them accomplish this. “The company is currently looking at a diverse roster of partners to ensure that it is truly making great coffee accessible everywhere,” she says.

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