We thought GMOs had been dealt with and you may have forgotten about SEIU and their efforts orchestrating the Fight for $15 efforts around the country, but post-election, they’re back like a bad penny!  Next Tuesday, November 29, service workers (including baggage handlers, cleaners, janitors and wheelchair attendants) at O’Hare International Airport will walk off their jobs in protest seeking a minimum wage of $15 per hour.  It is anticipated that McDonald’s workers from around the country as well as other fast food employees may join the protest.  Although the service workers are not unionized, SEIU, which has long been trying to replenish its membership by targeting fast food, janitorial and other low skill workers, announced the work stoppage earlier this week. Again, with the election of Donald Trump as president-elect, you can expect more of these attention grabbing gimmicks over the coming weeks and months.