Senate democrats voted as one yesterday to block the latest coronavirus relief bill put forth by Senate leadership. All 47 democrat Senators voted against advancing the coronavirus relief bill while 52 of 53 republican senators voted to advance the legislation (Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was the lone republican in opposition). Under Senate rules, 60 votes were needed to move the legislation forward. The so-called “skinny bill”, with a price tag of $500 billion, would have provided an unemployment bonus payment of $300 per week through the end of this year. Furthermore, the bill pushed by Senate leadership with the approval of the White House also included another round of funding for the Paycheck Protection Program, an expansion of the expenses eligible for loan forgiveness under the PPP, as well as limited liability shields for businesses, schools and health care providers. Democrats want a relief bill totaling more than $3 trillion that would also provide significant aid to cities and states. Although the US House returns to Washington DC next week and further negotiations are possible, it is thought that this defeat in the Senate means there will not be another coronavirus relief bill coming before the November presidential election.