The US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation held a hearing this week specifically on the Federal Trade Commission, the federal agency charged with oversight of franchising across the country. The panel of witnesses at the August 5 hearing included all five of the FTC Commissioners, including Commissioner Rohit Chopra, who specifically highlighted some of the major issues facing some franchise business owners. In his prepared remarks Commissioner Chopra, whose testimony in the Committee hearing video begins at approximately the 52:30 mark, specifically called for the agency to “safeguard operators of franchised businesses from abusive practices by franchisors.” He went on to point to “signs that franchisors may be using the pandemic to impose new policies that are exacting more economic pain on franchise operators.” Further, he specifically called out Subway and 7-Eleven for “attempts . . . to gain more control and implement practices that shift more cost and risk to local business owners.” Former Coalition of Franchisee Associations Chairman Keith Miller (Franchise Advocacy Consulting) has and continues to work closely with both the House and Senate Commerce Committees as well as Commissioner Copra on a number of franchisee-specific issues.