One vehicle that may be used to replenish the RRF program is the $3.5 trillion budget bill, which Majority Leader Schumer plans to pass without republican support through the budget reconciliation process. The framework for that budget bill was unveiled last week in the Senate and it includes penalties on employers deemed to be interfering with union organizing drives as well as tax credits or deductions for the payment of union dues, two significant provisions that have their origins in the egregious Preserving the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act). But since it “takes two to tango”, the US House would have to go along with the Senate approach and to that end, we note a letter to the democratic members of the House from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, wherein she exhorts her democratic caucus to “pass the budget resolution immediately”, which she continues would “[m]ost importantly, preserve the privilege of 51-vote passage in the Senate.” In clearer terms, that means the democratic congressional leadership can ram through the PRO Act and $3.5 trillion in spending without having to negotiate any provisions in order to win any republican support.