The (ultimate) resolve of the joint employer issue addressed above underscores the importance of the President putting his own nominees in place at important federal agencies and the impact they can have. Such should be the case with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as well, but that agency is still stuck in limbo with a democratic majority. The issue stems from 4 republican Senators fixated on blocking the renomination by President Trump of Democrat Chai Feldblum as a Commissioner at the EEOC. In response, democratic Senators have blocked Trump’s republican nominees and will only agree to approve them as a groupl (including Feldblum). By holding up Feldblum’s reappointment, the 4 GOP Senators (Mike Lee-UT, Marco Rubio-FL, Steve Daines-MT and James Lakford-OK) are preserving the current democratic majority at the EEOC. The agency is reconvening its task force from 2015 – 2016 on sexual harassment in the workplace, which was co-chaired by Feldblum and Victoria Lipnic, the current agency Chairwoman. The task force will host a public hearing Monday in DC.