Inequity in the ‘franchise partnership’ between franchisors and the franchisee community has finally resonated with some in power – in particular, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV). In an 87-page report entitled: “Strategies to Improve the Franchise Model: Preventing Unfair and Deceptive Franchise Practices” and released by her office this week, the first-term Senator from Nevada details four specific areas of greatest concern (unfair and deceptive contracts; false information and lack of transparency in FDDs; high and overpriced goods from suppliers who provide rebates to franchisors; and excessive fees with limited or no apparent benefit). In the report’s recommendations, Senator Cortez Masto calls for significant reforms to the franchise sector, including adoption of a federal franchise law; stronger FTC enforcement and funding over the franchise rule; additional protections for franchise lending at the SBA; as well as additional franchisee protections at the state level and further disclosure requirements on franchisors. With a number of other Senators and Representatives, she has refiled in Congress, the SBA Franchise Loan Transparency Act, which would require among other provisions, that franchisors provide prospective franchise owners with accurate historical revenue and store closure information before any SBA loan could be approved.