When it comes to “Repeal-and-Replace Obama Care”, the US Senate doesn’t seem to quite know what to do, but on a couple of other issues, the clarity of their intention is unquestionable. Such is the case with the future direction of the National Labor Relations Board and its Joint Employer ruling from the Obama era. Republican Senate heavyweights Ted Cruz (TX), Mike Lee (UT) and Marco Rubio (FL), along with a host of others filed the Protecting American Jobs Act, which would effectively strip the National Labor Relations Board of its authority to decide labor disputes and its power to issue rules and regulations governing labor practices and union representation. In a similar vein, House leaders yesterday unveiled legislation that will rewrite the legal definition of joint employer as enforced by the NLRB in the 2015 Browning-Ferris decision, effectively overturning that major NLRB expansion. House Education and Workforce Chairman Virginia Foxx (R-NC), was joined by Texas democrat Henry Cuellar and fellow republicans Tim Walberg (MI), Andy Harris (MD) and Bradley Byrne (AL) in announcing the Save Local Business Act (H.3441), which would restore the traditional joint employer standard. In anticipation of the filing of H.3441,, the National Restaurant Association released an animated you tube video encouraging concerned small business owners and restaurateurs to contact Congress and urge passage of the Save Local Business Act. Both initiatives have a long way to go to get to the President’s desk, but they are at least in play now.