A couple of important dates are coming up relative to employer responsibilities regarding sexual harassment in New York over the next 2 months. First off in New York City, the Stop Sexual Harassment Act, a series of bills signed into law by Mayor de Blasio on May 9, requires all employers beginning on September 6, 2018 to post a legal size (8.5” x 14”) sexual harassment poster in a conspicuous place in the workplace. In addition, all employers are also required to provide an information sheet to all new hires on their first day of employment. The New York City Commission on Human Rights (NYCCHR) has posted a model notice and information sheet along with additional information on its website. At the state level, employers will have just over one month more before they will be required to implement a sexual harassment policy. Effective October 9, New York state law will require the policy be in place and include an interactive annual anti-sexual harassment training program for all employees – from the lowest up to the C-Suite. The State Division of Human Rights and the NYCCHR both have more info on their websites.