The tsunami of allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior continued this week with its tentacles again reaching into political and journalistic environs with abandon. Garnering the bulk of the coverage are allegations against Alabama republican Senate nominee Judge Roy Moore. The chief beneficiary of the Judge’s troubles is democratic candidate Doug Jones, a former US Attorney who in an ironic twist of fate, was appointed by former President Bill Clinton. Other claims this week not getting quite the same coverage involved: NBC News executive Matt Zimmerman, who was fired from his post as Senior Vice President at the media giant; in news that just broke yesterday, Minnesota Senator Al Franken apologized for groping a staffer for Saturday Night Live and taking a picture grabbing her breasts while she slept over a decade ago! House Speaker Paul Ryan is mandating training to avoid sexual harassment and discrimination.  And, in state legislatures around the country: Arizona House Speaker JD Mesnard has suspended Appropriations Chairman Rep Don Shooter after he was accused by other legislators of harassment; the Iowa legislature has created a new position of HR Manager to handle harassment complaints; in California, the Senate will hire outside legal counsel to investigate such complaints; a South Carolina representative was arrested and charged with assault & battery on a female representative after they disagreed on an issue off the floor of the House.  True pillars of the community all around!