With the nauseating spectacle of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings dominating the news this week, it seems like a perfect segue to remind those members and subscribers with interests in New York that the Empire State’s new mandated anti-sexual harassment training requirement becomes effective on October 9, 2018. By that date, employers within the state must either adopt the NY DOL model for sexual harassment training or establish their own that meets or exceeds the mandated minimum standards. The state model includes a training script defining sexual harassment, sex stereotyping, retaliation, complaint procedures and case studies among others. It further provides that an employer’s training must be interactive and include as many of the following features as possible: be web-based, with questions asked of employees; accommodate employee questions; include a live trainer and require employee feedback. Whether employers choose to adopt the state model or develop their own, it is imperative that employers pay close attention to the mandate. Every employee in the state must complete the training by January 1, 2019.