As we all know, many states and locales focused legislative efforts on banning plastic bags, straws and single-use bags in 2018. In that vein, we found an interesting article earlier this week on QSRWeb entitled ‘Single-use’ – QSRs ‘dirty word’ for 2019 and it may be more prescient than originally thought, speaking to an environmental focus in upcoming legislative sessions.  Another proposal pending in the Maine legislature would require that food prepared for customer consumption on the vendor’s premises must be served in reusable food ware and if prepared for consumption off the premises, may only be served in single-use disposable food ware if the container is approved by the Department of Environment Protection as recyclable of compostable. In addition, the bill requires that a prepared food vendor selling take-out food for consumption off the premises must charge the customer a $0.25 fee for certain single-use disposable food ware in which the take-out food is served or for each take-out meal served to the customer, whichever is less!