Similar to the spread of the minimum wage push, the notion of mandating that businesses offer paid sick leave to all employees continues to surface around the country.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts a few weeks ago finalized its regulations mandating up to 40 hours paid sick leave per year for all employees (of companies with 11 or more workers) at a rate of one hour accrued for every 30 hours worked.  Employers with less than 11 employees must offer unpaid sick leave.  On the other side of the nation, the state of Oregon became the latest to require paid sick leave from private business.  Similar but just a bit different from Massachusetts, the Oregon law requires employers with at least 10 workers to provide up to 40 hours of paid leave each year, while requiring unpaid leave to workers where there are less than 10 employees.  In the search for equality in all things, the Oregon requirement doesn’t apply to those hired through a hiring hall operated by a labor union!  That seems fair, doesn’t it??  And in the City of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia, employees in companies with 10 or more workers began accruing one hour sick leave for every 40 hours worked as of May 13 of this year.  Against that backdrop, we found it ironic, but interesting to read this report on sick leave abuse among city workers in Philadelphia.  It was released this week.