The paid sick leave mandate filed in North Carolina may have little chance of becoming law this session, but the outlook is completely different for the mandated benefit in the Maryland Assembly of Delegates. That democratically-controlled legislature has already moved the bill through the Assembly and on to the Senate for its deliberation. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan filed a bill initially that sought to provide paid sick leave for employees at companies with more than 50 employees and for smaller companies, he would have given tax credit in exchange for the sick leave. The bill that passed the Assembly does not provide that leeway for small business.  City Councilors in the Nation’s Capital are rethinking and revisiting the family leave bill they recently passed. Just before Christmas, the DC Council passed a family medical leave that provided paid leave to DC workers regardless of where they lived – a notion that the Mayor had spoken against, but she let the bill become law without her signature.  Now, some DC Councilors want to call a mulligan, and revise the new payroll tax the bill levies down from the current 0.4% to 0.2%. Council Chairman Mendelson has said he will likely hold a hearing on that and other revisions – in June!